6 Egg Substitutes for Corn Bread

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Cornbread is one of our most staple foods made with cornmeal. This Quick bread is made with eggs to give it the texture and flavor.

Lecithin is the main component in eggs, which binds the oil and water together in a cornbread. It gives a thick and dense consistency. When you whisk the eggs and mix them into the cornmeal, the air gets locked in the egg yolks. This provides a good texture and rises to the bread while baking.

6 Egg Substitutes for Corn Bread

Won’t you be surprised if you could find a substitute for eggs? Are you a vegetarian? Then, I think there is good news for you. Yes. There are certain substitutes to eggs to be used in cornbread.

Let us discuss in detail the various egg substitutes for cornbread. 


What do eggs do to the Cornbread?

When looking to substitute the eggs in our cornbread, we have to understand the role of eggs in a perfect cornbread and look for similar substitutes.

Eggs play a major role in the texture, flavor, color, and structure of cornbread. It helps in

  • Binding – The eggs help hold together the wheat flour, cornmeal, and milk to prepare the cornbread. This prevents the cornbread from falling apart.
  • Leavening – When the eggs are whipped and added to the flour mix, it traps the air and helps the cornbread to rise.
  • Moisture – Eggs are also in a liquid state. When added to the flour mix, the other ingredients also tend to absorb improved moisture content.
  • Appearance and flavor – The eggs contribute much to the brown form of cornbread and improve the taste.

6 Egg Substitutes for Cornbread

If you are a person who doesn’t eat eggs or a vegetarian, there are certain substitutes for eggs that you can use in cornbread. Let us look at each of them in detail.

1. Apple Sauce

Apple Sauce contains Pectin, which acts as a perfect binder of oil and water. The Pectin acts in the same way as Lecithin works in an egg.

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The Applesauce is a puree of boiled apples. Other condiments like nutmeg and Cinnamon are also added to give it a sweet flavor.

One-fourth cup of Applesauce is a perfect measurement to substitute one egg in your cornbread recipe.

2. Ground Flaxseed or Chia Seeds

The Ground Flaxseeds or Chia seeds are high in Omega-3 fatty acids, fiber, and other components not present in the eggs.

You can use one tablespoon of Chia seeds or Flax seeds with three tablespoons to substitute one egg in the recipe. Whisk them well before using.

3. Silken Tofu

Tofu contains a lot of protein. The Soy milk is condensed, processed, and pressed as tofu. It has high water content and makes it a good substitute for eggs.

To use tofu in your recipe, you take one-fourth of a tofu cube to substitute the eggs.

4. Vinegar and Baking Soda

The Apple Cider Vinegar is known for its medicinal and curing qualities. This can give your dish the perfect flavor.

Combining the vinegar with baking soda gives the same effect as the egg and gives your cornbread an airy texture. To use this in your recipe, Mix one teaspoon of baking soda and one teaspoon of vinegar to substitute one egg in your recipe.

5. Yogurt or Buttermilk

Yogurt and buttermilk both have dairy constituents that can be very helpful in the preparation of cornbread.

When you whip the Yogurt or buttermilk, the dairy fat gives a texture similar to beaten eggs and does the same leavening job.

They provide the required texture and flavor to the cornbread and are a perfect substitute for eggs in cornbread.

You can use one by the fourth cup of buttermilk or Yogurt to replace one egg in your recipe.

6. Pureed Fruits

One of the easily available substitutes at all households in the fruits. You can even use the seasonal fruits. Make sure that the fruit that you choose is firm and soft.

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Avocado, banana, and pumpkins are perfect to substitute the eggs. They contain lower water content but are rich in moisture.

Avocados are an excellent ingredient for absorbing the flavor. When you mash these fruits, they blend perfectly with the flour and other ingredients.

Using the pureed fruits would certainly give a sweet twist to your cornbread. There will be a small variation in the taste, texture, and aroma. 

You can use two tablespoons of pureed fruits for every one egg used in your recipe. 

Other Substitutes

Apart from the above-mentioned food items, there are a few more substitutes for eggs in cornbread. 

You can use the following measurements of each item to replace one egg in your cornbread recipe.

  • One by the fourth cup of Mayo.
  • One teaspoon of Cornstarch, three tablespoons of vegetables, and one by the fourth teaspoon of baking powder can be blended.

Please note that if you are very specific about avoiding eggs in your recipe, you can prepare Mayo without eggs or choose any other substitutes.

You can use vegetable-based egg substitutes. Certain vegetables such as tapioca and potato contain modified starch, leavening agent, and Cellulose gum. You can mix one and a half tablespoons of vegetable-based powder and mix them with two tablespoons of water for every egg in your recipe.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the substitute for Jiffy Cornbread?

Jiffy Cornbread is one of the best homemade foods and is easily and readily made. If you want to substitute the eggs in the Jiffy Cornbread, you can use apple sauce, flax seeds, or gelatin as a thickening factor to bring a similar texture and flavor.

What is the substitute for Cornbread Mix?

Most of the cornbread mix available in the market is prepared without eggs. You can substitute the eggs with vinegar, baking soda, or Yogurt. They work perfectly with the cornbread mix and give the same result.

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What happens If I don’t use eggs for cornbread?

Eggs provide the basic structure for cornbread. The Protein content of the eggs gives a good airy and fluffier structure that is strong enough when they are baked. If you avoid eggs in your recipe, you might end up having a delicate system that would not hold on together and breaks down easily.

How to keep the Jiffy Cornbread from falling apart?

To make sure that your Jiffy Cornbread does not fall apart easily, you can mix one tablespoon or 15 ml of extra butter or vegetable oil and increase the moistness of the cornbread. This can ensure that your Jiffy cornbread stands together without falling apart.

Can I make Jiffy Cornbread without eggs and milk?

Yes. You can make Jiffy Cornbread without eggs and milk. You can replace any of the substitutes mentioned above to replace the eggs. You can choose any dairy-free option, such as almonds or oats, to replace the milk. 

Final Words

Eggs are one of the most important ingredients of cornbread. It blends perfectly with all the other ingredients and gives us a perfectly baked cornbread. It provides an aromatic, flavorful, and airy texture to the cornbread.

But, there are other viable substitutes. You can use any of them to achieve the same result. Always keep in mind that they are only substitutes. So, there are higher chances that the results from the substitutes may not completely match the one with the eggs. There might be a slight variation.

Have you used any of the above-mentioned substitutes? If not, try using them and let us know how it worked out for you. Happy baking!