6 Best Substitutes for Pomegranate Molasses

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Pomegranates are famous for their sizzling taste and versatile use in dishes.

Aside from this, they are very beneficial for health as they provide us with multiple vitamins, better digestion, and many more. 

Top substitutes for pomegranate molasses

Doctors even claim that pomegranates help in preventing cancer cells and the risk of developing Alzheimer’s. Also, pomegranate molasses or pomegranate syrup is a well-known food item that many countries use in their day-to-day diet. Especially countries like Syria, Iran, the Middle East, and Lebanon. 

This thick pomegranate syrup is made up of sweet-tasting pomegranates only. People also add sugar to maintain the sweetness of the molasses; however, it depends on one’s preference but it is worth noting that if you don’t add sugar in the molasses, it won’t last long even if you put it in the fridge. Sugar basically acts as a natural preservative for molasses.  

Adding this sweet syrup to meat, salads, or and cocktails will make your guests happy with your servings. There are so many ways you can add it to all your recipes to make them flavorful.  However, if you do not have pomegranate syrup, then do not worry about it, as there are multiple substitutes that will let you enjoy the exact same flavor. 

 So here we will be discussing all pomegranate molasses and what are the top substitutes that you can use to add taste to your dishes. 


What does pomegranate taste like?

The taste of seeds and juice of pomegranates are sweet as well as tart. They are more like citrus fruit and eating them will make you feel refreshed with its bold taste. If we compare its taste with any other fruit, then it, in most parts, tastes like cranberries: tartness with a little bit of sweetness.

However, the taste of the pomegranate can differ depending upon its ripeness and species. For example, well-ripened pomegranates usually taste a little sour, just like ripe cherries. Otherwise, its taste is more like sweet grapes. Another thing to know is that pomegranates are not as sweet as other sweet fruits. Although they are sweet by nature, tartness is something they accompany as well. Also, you won’t experience the same level of sugary flavor as ripe grapes, and sweet apples offer. 

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On the other hand, unripened pomegranates are highly sour in taste and tend to be bitter on eating. Thus, if you notice the taste has become similar to acetone or if it smells like nail polish, then you can be sure that it is almost rotten. 

Though if you mistakenly consume rotten fruit, it won’t cause any severe harm. However, if you eat too much of it, your stomach will revolt, and it might make you nauseous. 

Top substitutes for pomegranates molasses

If you do not have pomegranate molasses at your home, then you can use any other item as its substitute to maintain the flavor of your dish. Here is a list of some of the best substitutes to consider: 

1. Pomegranate Seeds 

In place of pomegranate molasses, you can sprinkle fresh seeds onto your green salad. Doing so will give a rich taste to your salad with the sweetness of pomegranate. Though it won’t taste the same as pomegranate molasses, you can still enjoy the pomegranate flavor that you are craving. 

You can get pre-made pomegranate seed containers from a nearby supermarket easily and then you just have to spread it over salad to make it delicious.

Or you can simply take out the seed from the fruit itself. Take a fresh half-cut pomegranate and remove the seed with the help of a knife or your fingers. 

2. Cranberry Juice

Cranberries come with a similar blend of sweetness and bitterness as pomegranates do. It can be a perfect substitute for pomegranate molasses, and you can add it to multiple dishes. To make the syrup, you have to extract cranberry juice and add sugar to it. Further, to make it thick, you have to heat it on the gas until the mixture becomes a little solid. Instead of this, you can also put molasses in order to make it thick.

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Remember to adjust the quantity of molasses or sugar you are using to maintain the desired taste. If you add more sugar, then the syrup will become sweeter, and if you add more molasses, it will become tarter. Cranberry juice is lighter in flavor but can work as a suitable pomegranate molasses substitute. 

3. Grenadine

Grenadine can become one of the best delicious and natural substitutes for pomegranate molasses if you want to use it in preparing drinks. Grenadine is sweet in flavor. In fact, many people use it as a refreshment drink to go through their day.  

Grenadine is much sweeter in comparison to pomegranate molasses, so while using it as a substitute, remember not to add any more sweeteners. Or you can reduce the amount of grenadine syrup in your dishes. 

4. Lemon Juice and Honey

People have been using lemon and honey to enhance the taste in so many dishes; they can also be a promising substitute for pomegranate molasses. The lemon will offer a good amount of acidity, but the sweetness will be missing. Hence adding a small amount of honey to your dish along with lemon will make a perfect blend. The tangy and sweet mixture will be delightful to your taste buds. However, if you do not have honey at home, you can add some sweet syrup for sugar to maintain the balance. 

5. Raspberry Jam

Raspberry reduction or raspberry jam is naturally fruity in flavor. You have to perform the raspberry reduction until it achieves a thick consistency. Once done, you can directly add it to any of your recipes or salad. These are naturally sweet, making an excellent substitute for pomegranate molasses. Also, you will get a beautiful tint over your dishes by adding raspberry syrup. With the perfect blend of flavors, you can serve multiple dishes with it to your family.

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6. Honey with Tamarind paste 

To achieve the taste of pomegranate molasses, you can also use tamarind paste mixed with honey. It would be especially suitable for meats as it can add more flavor and texture to such meals. We can say that it is a really good option if you want to replace pomegranate molasses with something healthy. 

On the one hand where tamarind is an incredibly sour ingredient, honey balances the taste with its sugary taste. Together they bring an absolute lusciousness to the food. 

Final Words

These are a few replacements that you can use in place of pomegranate molasses. All of the items mentioned above have their unique flavors helping you to achieve an absolute delight taste for your meals or drinks. There are many people who think that no other syrup can bring the exact taste as pomegranate molasses; however, by trying these substitutes, they might change their mind.

Talking about pomegranate molasses, which chefs actively use for dressing different kinds of salads, which brings a lot of compliments to them. Also, many people use it as a sauce over blissfully cooked brisket, steak, or any other meat. You can also add this syrup over your vanilla ice cream or cakes to give them a fresh deliciousness. Remember, cooking is all about experimenting and mix-matching different ingredients together to discover the best ever taste.