Can You Freeze Cheese Sauce? (Yes, Here’s the Answer)

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Cheese Sauce is one of the staple foods in all households. It never stops to impress our taste buds, whether on the top of the pizza crust or blended in the white pasta. It has the power to change our rough day into a blissful one.

You can comfortably prepare the cheese sauce at home. Well, there are many brands available at stores – some are canned, and some are cached. There are various kinds of cheese sauces that you can make or buy. But, Can you keep doing your favorite cheese sauce every day? Why not make it in bulk and store it?


Can You Freeze Cheese Sauce? Yes. You can freeze the cheese sauce for up to three months. You might find them to separate when you thaw. But there is absolutely no change in the taste. The separation can be made good by a good whisk.

Now, let us look more into freezing the cheese sauce and how to thaw them.


Does Cheese Sauce Freeze Well?

There are different types of Cheese available. The intensity of the freezing depends on the kind of Cheese that you have used to prepare the sauce. Let us look at different kinds of Cheese and the corresponding fat content.

Fat Content (In %)Types of Cheese
19 – 24%Fresh Cheese and Aged Fresh Cheese
24 – 26%Soft White rind
26 – 28%Semi-Soft Cheese
28 – 34%Hard Cheese and Blue Cheese

The Cheese that has higher fat content usually freezes better than the others. So, it is not surprising to note that the Hard and Blue Cheese freezes the best. 

On the other hand, it does not mean the other Cheese does not freeze. But, the intensity of freezing might not be as good as the high-fat content cheese.

The Texture, moisture levels, and fat content play a crucial role in freezing the cheese sauce. Before you proceed to freeze your cheese sauce, check these characteristics to have an idea about the final frozen product.

How to Freeze Cheese Sauce?

Freezing the cheese sauce is as simple as it sounds. You have to keep in mind the characteristics of the Cheese that you have used.

Prepare the cheese sauce and allow them to cool.

You can prepare the cheese sauce based on your preferred Cheese. Once they are ready, allow them to cool completely before freezing. Never take the Cheese to the freezer when they are warm. Please make sure they are at room temperature before proceeding.

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Split them into portions

Separate your cheese sauce into different portions. You might need only a small portion of the cooked sauce for a recipe. Keep in mind the bits that you would require of the same sauce for a different recipe.

Please put them in Containers.

Once you have apportioned the cheese sauce, please put them in the freezer-safe containers. The freezer bags would be the best choice. Make sure the containers or the freezer bags are airtight. Please put them in the freezer.

Label the bags

Label the containers with the ingredients and the date of preparation. You may also mention the Use by date to have a ready reference.

Handy tips for Freezing Cheese Sauce

Though freezing cheese sauce seems very easy, keep in mind the simple tips to enhance your freezing.

  • If you use milk in your cheese sauce, make sure you use pasteurized milk. The powdered variety milk increases the risk of cross-contamination, and the Texture deteriorates after thawing.
  • It is normal for the cheese sauce to look differently after freezing. It happens in any dairy product. Don’t panic. Make sure you mix them well before reheating.
  • Always try to use high-fat content cheese if you hope to freeze your sauce. 

How Long Can you Freeze Cheese Sauce?

You can retain the freshness of the cheese sauce for up to three months upon freezing. It is a dairy product, and any time more than three months could deteriorate the Texture and flavor. Three months is the appropriate time frame for any Cheese based recipe. 

If you find any pungent smell or discolored Texture, do not use the cheese sauce. Well, if the consistency is different, that is not a problem.

How to Defrost Cheese Sauce?

Defrosting the cheese sauce is not a tough job. It is an easy-peasy yet cautious process.

You can remove the frozen cheese sauce from the freezer and place them in the fridge. It is best not to put them outside. The risk of keeping any diary product outside is, if your room gets hotter, they may go bad. 

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Once you thaw the cheese sauce in the fridge, take it out and give a brisk whisk before adding it to your recipe. A thorough whisk ensures that you get the right consistency.

Do not worry if you forget to thaw your cheese sauce and wait for the sauce on a busy morning. 

You can put them in the microwave on a low setting. 

Can you refreeze Cheese Sauce?

It is not advisable to refreeze the cheese sauce for any dairy product, for that matter. The quality of the sauce begins to deteriorate when thawed and refrozen. While it is always your choice to refreeze or not, it is best not to refreeze them.

Can you Freeze Bechamel and Mornay Sauce?

Bechamel and Mornay cheese sauces contain high-fat Cheese. So, they are the perfect choice for freezing. The freezing process is the same as mentioned above.

The high-fat content leads to separation on thawing. Well, there is nothing to panic about. A strong whisk would fix this easily.

Can You Freeze Nacho Cheese Sauce?

The answer is Yes. But, it again depends on the ingredients that you use to prepare them. The type of Cheese and the milk used are the most important factors for determining the freezing conditions.

Using high-fat content cheese and pasteurized milk gives a much more shelf-life and decreases the risk of cross-contamination.

Can You Freeze Cheddar Cheese Sauce?

Cheddar Cheese is a high-fat cheese. It is prepared with hard Cheese and is completely best and safe to freeze.

Can You Freeze Canned Cheese Sauce?

No, you should not freeze the Canned Cheese Sauce – Cans should not be frozen. The Canned Cheese sauce contains a preservative that increases the shelf life of the product. You don’t need to remove the can to freeze them. The canned cheese sauce can stay fresh for a longer time than the freezer.

But, if you have leftovers from an open can, well, you can freeze them.

Transfer the leftovers to an ice tray. Wait until an hour and make sure the cheese sauce becomes firm. Once they are frozen, transfer the cubes from the ice tray to the airtight containers.

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You can also use freezer bags for this purpose. It is important to make sure not to leave the cheese sauce ice trays open for more than one hour. The risk of freezer burns is higher.

Though freezer burns do not cause any harmful effects, the flavor and the quality have to be compromised.

When you thaw the canned cheese sauce, you may find differences in the color and Texture. It might be runnier, and they may curdle. A whisk is all you need to bring it back to its original consistency.

Can You Freeze Packet Cheese Sauce?

Yes. You can freeze the packet of Cheese Sauce after you make it. It is not advisable to freeze them before making it.

Freezing the made packet cheese sauce is similar to any other cheese sauce. You can follow the same freezing and thawing procedures.

Can You Freeze Cheese Sauce made with cream?

No. You cannot freeze the Cheese Sauce made with cream. The cream is usually fragile and might break if frozen. 

Instead, you can add the cream after you thaw the frozen cheese sauce. 

But, if you have already placed the cheese sauce with cream in the freezer, you may leave them over the saucepan in low to medium flame and whisk vigorously.

Please do not let the sauce boil. If you find that the sauce breaks, take it off from the saucepan. Please place them in the blender and add a tablespoon of hot water into them. Blend them until they are smooth and creamy.

Can You Freeze store-bought Cheese Sauce?

Yes. You can freeze the store-bought cheese sauce. But, do not freeze them in the glass container in which you get them. Instead, remove them and place them in the ice trays. Follow the freezing procedures as same as a canned cheese sauce.

Placing them in the refrigerator will keep them fresh for four days. Alternatively, freezing may keep them fresh for six months.

Final Words

You can take a deep breath and not worry about freezing your regular favorite Cheese sauce. Having them ready at arm`s length is a great strength. 

Now that we have a complete idea about freezing the Cheese sauce let us say Cheese and happy freezing.