The Best Food Processor For Idli Batter in 2021

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Idli is one of the healthy, low fat, and delicious breakfast recipes. However, you need to prepare the idli batter beforehand.

With a food processor, you can easily make idli batter by saving more time and effort.

best food processor for ildi batter

To assist you, we have the list of the best food processors for idli batter. Plus, we include a buying guide, related FAQs, and more. 


Best Food Processors for Idli Batter

  1. Breville BFP660SIL Sous Chef 12 Cup Food Processor
  2. Hamilton Beach 12-Cup Stack & Snap Food Processor  
  3. EZBASICS Food Processor 
  4. Ninja BL770 Mega Kitchen System and Blender 
  5. Oxford Street Food Processor Electric  

1. Breville BFP660SIL Sous Chef 12 Cup Food Processor 

If you are looking for a high 12 cup capacity food processor for preparing idli batter, this product is perfect for you. Besides that, you can also grate cheese, slice herbs, mince nuts, and puree soups with this machine. 

It comes with a heavy-duty 1000 watt induction motor which offers direct drive control and overload safety. It is durable and lasts for a long time.

You have numerous feed chute options: 5″ large feed chute, 2 ¾” mid feed chute, and 1 ½” mini-feed chute. With the 5″ wide feed chute, you can put large ingredients without cutting them. 

The food processor features a BPA-free plastic work bowl. For ultimate control and steady processing, there is a momentary pulse button.

There is an adjustable slicing disc with 24 thin to thick settings. The machine comes with a micro-serrated S-blade. 

Also, we are impressed with its incredible safety features. For example, if you did not put and lock the bowl and lid in the correct position, the motor would not operate. The machine prevents the motor from starting if you did not insert the large feed pusher. 

We were amazed by this food processor due to its five-star rating in durability and material quality. Another factor that we liked is that this machine does not produce much noise, unlike other blenders. 

What We Liked

  • Uses high-quality outer and blade material 
  • Best food processor for mixing batters and soup  
  • It can hold 12 cups of food material
  • Features the best safety braking system 
  • It comes with a huge 5″ wide feed chute 
  • The food processor includes 1000 watt induction motor 
  • The blender is perfect for versatile purposes 
  • It is durable and lasts for a long time 
  • The package contains a user manual with crystal clear instructions 
  • The motor will not operate if the bowl and lid are not locked correctly

What We Didn’t Like

  • The base of this food processor is super heavy 
  • This product stands on the expensive side 
  • It is hard to clean the machine. 
  • Sometimes the food gets inside the handle, which would not come out easily. 

2. Hamilton Beach 12-Cup Stack & Snap Food Processor  

The dimensions of this large-capacity food processor are 16.25 H × 9.55 W × 8.76 D. Besides that, it comes with a powerful 450-watt motor which can prepare the idli batter within seconds. With the 2-speed pulse control, it is easy to control the food processor, and also you can save a lot of time. 

There is a sealed bowl, and it prevents any leakage while grinding idli batter. This food processor comes with S-blades, which are made from stainless steel. This versatile machine features reversible slice and shred disc chop. This disc chops the ingredient on one side, and the other side minces the food. 

With its stack and snap design, this food processor does not need any difficult twisting or locking.

There is a brief guide printed on the machine for quick and straightforward understanding. To turn off this machine, you can press the off button at the bottom. Besides the off button, you can find separate switches for shred, puree, slice, and mix options. 

The machine is BPA-free, and we included it on our list due to the ultimate blending power and safety features. There is a large feed chute that can fit bulk amounts of food. Due to that, the mixing will become easy, and it takes less preparation time. 

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What We Liked

  • It has a stainless steel blade 
  • Easy to assemble 
  • Comes with a stack and snap design 
  • Features a durable S-blade 
  • The sealed bowl ensures no batter leakage 
  • Large and 12 cups capacity food processor 
  • No need for difficult locking and twisting 
  • It includes suction cup feet on the bottom 
  • There is a big mouth feed tube at the top 
  • Powerful 450-watt motor with two different speed options 
  • It has four buttons for simple understanding 

What We Didn’t Like

  • The food processor does not slice the small ingredients properly as the blades are far from each other. 
  • While grinding the idli batter, it produces loud noises. 
  • Sometimes the batter gets stuck in the food chute area, making it difficult to clean. 

3. EZBASICS Food Processor 

With a height of 9.3 inches and a diameter of 4.5 inches, it is one of the small quantity food processors with dual speed settings. Due to its portable design, it is possible to store this machine in almost every compact space. 

You can easily prepare a small amount of idli batter in a short time. Despite its small size, this food processor has a powerful 260W motor.

It comes with an S-shaped blade that can grind the mixture effectively. You will get a transparent 2 cup capacity bowl, and it includes an anti-slip rubber mat for stability. 

For soft foods, there is a standard speed option. If you want to grind hard foods such as nuts, you can press the turbo speed option.

The power cord length of this food processor is almost 40 inches. This tiny food processor features a detachable design. For easy cleaning, you can remove some parts like the bowl, cover, and chopping blades. 

Installing this food processor is easy and can be done in three simple steps. First of all, put the blade onto the bearing.

Next, close the lid, and lastly, keep the motor unit on the lid flange. There is a white attachment for protecting the blade, and it is not for pureeing. 

What We Liked

  • It features a detachable design 
  • Affordable tiny food processor
  • Suitable for small families who cook food in fewer quantities 
  • Can be stored in compact spaces due to its portable size 
  • It includes a powerful 260W motor 
  • Available in another color 
  • There is an S-shaped blade for chopping the ingredients quickly and efficiently 
  • Installing the food processor is easy 
  • It comes with dual speed settings 
  • Offers the best value for money 

What We Didn’t Like

  • Sometimes the plastic lid gets stuck, and it is difficult to remove it 
  • The plastic top is slippery, making it hard for you to grab 
  • A few users complained that only the ingredients at the bottom are mixed  
  • It is not easy to remove and clean the lid  

4. Ninja BL770 Mega Kitchen System and Blender 

Here is another idli batter food processor, which is versatile enough to be used for other purposes. You will receive a crushing pitcher, food processor bowl, and Nutri Ninja cups in this set.

The food processor comes with a 1500-watt base and includes 4 dedicated blending speeds. Besides that, it ensures overall power and control in your hands. 

The 72 ounce total crushing pitcher can crush ice cubes into snow within seconds. Its maximum liquid capacity is 64 oz, and you can make a large quantity of idli batter at once. 

As for the food processor bowl, it can hold up to eight cups worth of food. It delivers better and exact chopping using the 2 durable blades.

Besides that, it can prepare 2 pounds of dough within 30 seconds. You can use the 16 ounces Nutri Ninja cups to prepare flavored dips (chutney) for idli. They come with to-go lids to ensure no leakage. 

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The food processor contains BPA-free and some dishwasher-safe parts. Remember to wash the lids and containers by hand in lukewarm and soap water.

For rinsing the blade assemblies and blade discs, utilize the cleaning brush or a dishwashing tool with a handle to prevent your hand contact with the sharp blades. 

What We Liked

  • High end 1500 watt motor and best blending power 
  • Prepares the batter quickly
  • It comes with BPA free parts 
  • The package includes a crushing pitcher and Nutri ninja cups with lids 
  • It is capable of crushing ice cubes 
  • There are five manual programs to control blending speed 
  • It includes dishwasher-safe parts 
  • You will get a recipe inspiration guide 

What We Didn’t Like

  • If you do not clean the bottom of the blender with pipe cleaner or scrubbers, the food particles and dirt will pile up. 
  • Poor customer service and does not offer the best support as well 
  • Some users reported that the blade stopped working after a few uses
  • A few customers said that the blender broke out of nowhere. 

5. Oxford Street Food Processor Electric  

This food processor is GS, CE, CB, GS certified and fulfills the safety standards. You can grind small quantities of idli batter in this electric chopper. It includes a 350W powerful motor, which can chop the ingredients quickly. 

The machine has S-shaped blades, which grind the food more efficiently. There are two blades at the bottom and two at the top to slice the ingredients evenly.

The food processor has an ergonomic design with one-touch pulsing. It features 2-speed modes. For grinding soft foods, you can press gear I, and for hard foods, there is gear II. You can mix, chop, blend, and puree the foods with this food processor. 

You will get an impact-resistant, durable, and strong 2-liter bowl. It is food grade and made from 304 stainless steel.

For easy cleaning, the food processor contains detachable parts. This machine comes with a non-slip mat on the bowl, which makes sure to give steady and safe operation. 

There is a rubber sealing ring to prevent spills. Keep in mind not to use your hand for cleaning around the blade because it is very sharp and might cause injury to your hands.

You will get a plastic bowl lid and a user manual with crystal clear instructions in the package. 

What We Liked

  • Made from premium quality 304 food-grade stainless steel material 
  • It has detachable parts, making it easy for you to clean 
  • The machine has a stainless steel body 
  • It features a four-blade design 
  • Best safe and multifunctional mincer 
  • It is an electric food processor
  • Real 350W powerful motor
  • There is a 2-liter stainless steel bowl 
  • It comes with 2 different speed modes 
  • Impact-resistant and affordable food processor 
  • Great for mincing meat, small or chopped veggies, and tiny herbs 

What We Didn’t Like

  • It can not grind large pieces of ice cubes 
  • You should not put big vegetables without cutting 
  • Some users find it challenging to assemble the machine
  • Many customers said that the metal and plastic stuff of this machine is broken and got mixed into the batter 
  • It produces heavy noise and sometimes stops working 

What Factors To Consider Before Buying The Best Food Processor For Idli Batter? (Buying Guide) 

Here are some of the factors you need to consider before buying the best food processor for idli batter. 

Best Food Processor for Idli Batter

1. Motor

To determine the overall strength of the food processor, you need to check the total number of watts.

Weak or low-watt products have high chances to stop working if you mix heavy foods. Plus, they tend to break down even after regular use and produce more noise. 

2. Size

Firstly, determine whether you want a small capacity or large-capacity food processor. Make sure that the machine will fit in your kitchen spaces for quick access. Small models are easy to clean, carry, and use and stored, even in tiny areas. 

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3. Blade Performance

Make sure to choose the model with sharp blades so that the urad dal will grind evenly to deliver a smooth idli batter.

The best food processors for idli batter should have durable blades and grating disks and need to remain sharp even after repeated use. 

4. Versatile Features

Several food processors offer slice, chop, mix, and shred options. Getting a versatile food processor is beneficial because you can make juice, soups, cake batter, and more. 

5. Speed options

Some of the best food processors have more than one-speed control. A few high-end models deliver five different speed options.

Almost many of the products in this list have at least dual speed options for soft and hard foods. 

6. Feeding Tube

Some premium-quality food processors include a feed tube in the bowl’s lid, making it easy to put the ingredients.

You can add diced, sliced, mixed, ground, kneaded dough, or chopped pieces. Make sure to buy the model with an adjustable feed tube. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Grind Idli Batter In A Food Processor? 

Of course, you can grind idli batter in the food processor. In general, idli batter is made in wet grinders to make it super smooth and fluffy. Food processors are highly functional and versatile machines and work as wet grinders as well. 

With a food processor, you can chop, shred, mix, and knead food or ingredients. Other than idli batter, you can grind hard nuts, make smoothies, purées, and more. The food processors can crush both wet and dry particles. 

The sharp blades of the food processor can crush the hard dal, which is used in the idli batter. As per my experience, it is best to grind the idli batter two to three times to get a perfectly smooth and fluffy texture. 

If you want to make only two or three cups of batter, it is best to use a small capacity food processor. If you use a large food processor, sometimes the batter will not mix well and contains hard particles. 

Can I Make Idli Batter In A Juicer? 

No, it is advised not to prepare idli batter in a juicer. First of all, the juicer is meant to make juices using the diced fruit and vegetable pieces. It can only handle soft foods like fruits and some veggies.

However, to make idli batter, one of the primary ingredients is hard urad dal (skinned black gram). Juicer does not have the mechanism to grind this ingredient, and sometimes your juicer might stop working. Due to all these reasons, you should never grind idli batter in a juicer. 

Can I Grind Urad Dal In A Food Processor? 

Yes. From the above details, you know that you can use a food processor to make idli batter. Also, urad dal is the main ingredient of idli batter. So, you can grind urad dal in the food processor without any worry. To make the dal smooth and soft, grind it two to three times. 

Bottom Line 

We tested almost all the available food processors for idli batter and created this list. All our five products are effective in preparing idli batter. Some are versatile, and you can use them for other purposes as well.

We choose Breville BFP660SIL Sous Chef 12 Cup Food Processor as our top pick. This large cup capacity model is made of high-quality material, contains sharp blades, and does not generate loud noises.

It has a few high-end features such as multiple cute options, an adjustable slicing disc, and a powerful induction motor. Though it is a bit expensive, this food processor is worth the cost due to its advantages.