How to Freeze Dried Candy? An Easy Guide

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It is always good to have something sweet lying about in your fridge. Skittles, gummy bears, and other sweet treats make our days better. We often receive these sweet treats during parties, birthdays, festivals, and on different occasions. Most people have experienced what it is like to have too much candy in your house. You do not want to open a packet of dried candy and leave it like that in the refrigerator for days or weeks. 

The solution is to freeze these dried treats so they last longer. You can enjoy them whenever you want if they are frozen. Besides, it takes minimal effort to freeze a bulk of candy. This article will tell you all about freezing candy the right way with step-by-step instructions. It will take less than fifteen minutes to prep your dried candy. However, it will take a lot longer for it to freeze, so be patient.

How to Freeze Dried Candy? An Easy Guide


Can you freeze-dried candy? 

The short answer to this simple question is yes. You can freeze dried candy without much work or time. Freezing it extends its shelf life tremendously. Some people even say that freezing dried candy makes it healthier than regular candy. The authenticity of this claim needs some research, but freezing dried candy is normal. 

When Not to Freeze-Dried Candy?

  • If the candy contains fruits or nuts, avoid freezing it. This article is about dried candy, so anything with some moisture content is not ideal for freezing. Pieces of fruits and nuts can go bad despite freezing, which in turn spoils the candy. However, cooked fruits, like Tutti Fruity, can be frozen for a decent time. 
  • If the candy has expired, avoid freezing it. Always check the “best before” date of your dried candy before freezing it. You may not notice the difference between regular and expired candy. However, it is best not to consume or use outdated candy even if it has preservatives. 
  • If your candy has developed a sticky or grainy surface, do not freeze it. Check the expiration date of this candy because it has likely gone bad. When the texture of the candy changes, it indicates that the candy has spoiled due to temperature abuse. Another sign of off candy is discoloration and a sour, pungent smell. Remember, if the candy feels weird to look at, freezing it is not worth it. 
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In brief, if your dried candy is looking than what it is supposed to look like, do not freeze it. Several people feel guilty about throwing away dried candy for some reason. However, remember that dried candy is nothing but a chunk of delicious calories. Do not worry about throwing them away. Unfortunately, there is no way to use candy that has passed its expiration date. With the preservatives and colors in it, off candy is not worth consumption. 

When to Freeze-Dried Candy?

If the candy is within its expiration date and looks good, it is perfect for freezing. Fresh, unpacked dried candy also works for freezing. If you have made a new batch of homemade dried candy, you can freeze that too. Rest assured, if your candy looks normal, you can freeze it without any worries. 

Is it Safe to Freeze-Dried Candy?

It is safe to freeze-dried candy as long as you follow the instructions correctly. Dried candy is easy to store because it has preservatives in it. Besides, most dried candy has a high sugar content which helps increase its shelf life. Keep the storage conditions hygienic, and you will never have to worry about your frozen, dried candy going bad. You will not see any change in texture or taste after you freeze-dried candy. 

How to Freeze-Dried Candy?

Now that we have gone through so much information about dried candy, we can move on to freeze them. There are a few thumb rules about freezing candy, and the rest of the procedure is simple. Let’s begin with our first step.

Step 1: Segregate your dried candy

Dried candy comes in all shapes and sizes, so it is crucial to group them. All dried candy does not have the same shelf life. Make different groups for your toffees, lollipops, and other candy. Never put all of it in one container. If your candy is too big, slice it into bite-sized pieces. It will help the candy freeze faster and keep it fresh for a long time. You would not want to store skittles and gummy bears in the same container because one of them will have a different freezing point.

Step 2: Place the candy on a baking tray

Grab a baking tray and line it with parchment paper. Without parchment paper, your baking tray might get sticky. Make sure that there is not a single drop of water on that tray. Evenly spread your candy on the tray. There should be plenty of space between each piece of candy, so make sure that they do not stick to each other. Use different trays for different candy.

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Step 3: Pre-freeze the candy

Put the tray in the freezer and wait for it to do its magic. Make sure that that the candy is rock hard when you take it out. No need to cover the candy during this step, but make sure that the freezer is clean. Be patient because this process can take 2-3 days to finish. Most dried candy is rock-hard, due to which it is tricky to know whether it is frozen. Remember that all candies will require a different period to finish this process. If you have placed an assortment, check every 5-10 hours to see which ones are ready.

Step 4: Store the candy

Once you take the candy out of the freezer, immediately transfer them to a ziplock bag or container. Bonus points if your bag/container is airtight. Once transferred, put the whole thing in the freezer and forget about it. You can take it out whenever you want and use the dried candy. 

You might see other sources mentioning a freeze-drying machine for this process. Some people do use a freeze-drying device for this process. However, even after using it, you need to keep it in the freezer. Besides, this machine is most effective for sweet treats like ice cream. Because you are freezing dried candy, you do not need this machine. There are machines for everything, but most of the time, you will not need them.

How to Thaw Frozen Dried Candy?

Thawing or defrosting dried candy is quite simple. Freezing dried candies does not affect their texture at all. They remain as they are forever. Bringing them to room temperature is simple but a slow process. You cannot chuck them in a microwave and wait for them to defrost because there is a good chance that they will melt. Instead, take out as much candy as you want from the container. Place it in a place and make sure the pieces do not stick to each other. Put the plate in the fridge and wait for it to thaw overnight or more, depending on your candy. See? Working with dried candy is simple and easy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can dried candy spoil in the freezer? 

The answer is yes, but it happens in rare cases. The preservatives in candies prevent them from spoiling. Cross-contamination can occur in the freezer if the surroundings are unclean. However, because incidents of cross-contamination with candy are rare, do not worry.

How long do dried candies last in the freezer? 

Some sources will say that the candy will last for as long as 25 years. This information may or may not be authentic, depending on the preservatives in your candy. Most dried candy will last for a couple of years in the freezer. However, it is wise to google this question for every type of candy because they all have different shelf lives. 

Can you refreeze dried candy after taking it out of the freezer?

Yes, you can refreeze it without any consequences. If the candy has a layer of sugar crust, you might see some cracks, but it is normal. Dried candy can hold its shape and taste, so refreezing it is not a problem. However, make sure that there is no moisture on it before refreezing it.


Dried candy is the perfect party treat because it is sweet and pretty. Everyone loves it, but most people end up spoiling them in the fridge. It is easy to freeze them, and they last for a long time once frozen. A few simple instructions are enough to make these sweet treats last for some years. The only thing you have to ensure is to freeze it before it reaches the expiry date. This article covered everything about freezing dried candy. Do not be afraid to google additional information about freezing candy, especially if it has moisture content. Lastly, do not mistake regular candy for dried candy, and certainly do not mix them in the same container.