Can You Freeze Eggnog? (Detailed Guide)

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Would you like to enjoy your eggnog at times other than the winter? There’s no doubt that most people take eggnog during the winter holidays. However, we all know that eggnog can get bad, and we might want to know whether it’s okay to freeze it or not.

If yes, how long can you freeze it? You need to enjoy your eggnog more often before it goes bad. Remember, sometimes it is hard to get store-bought eggnog throughout the year. You might have to wait until when the year comes to an end to get eggnog unless you prepare it at home.

can you freeze eggnog

So can you freeze eggnog? Yes. Eggnog goes bad whether you made it at home or bought it in a store. You can therefore freeze eggnog successfully. However, you will need to freeze it  under the appropriate storage conditions. You can freeze eggnog for a few months, which increases its shelf life. Homemade eggnog stays shorter in the freezer than commercial eggnog.

Eggnog is a beverage that is egg-fortified. It contains a mixture of cream, milk, plus a sweetener. Others use it together with some booze to enjoy its taste. The reason why eggnog is highly perishable is due to its dairy products and eggs.

If you plan to consume your commercially made eggnog in just a week, you don’t have to freeze it. Eggnog can stay for a short time, and the only way to preserve it is through refrigeration.

You should note that commercial eggnog has a longer shelf life compared to homemade eggnog.

Let’s find out how you can keep your eggnog in the refrigerator.

How to Freeze Homemade Eggnog

Now that it’s possible to freeze eggnog, let’s find out how to freeze it if you prepared it at home to keep it in the best condition.

  • After preparing your eggnog at home, let it stay at room temperature so that it can cool down properly.
  • When cool, pour the eggnog in your freezer or a plastic freezer container. The eggnog tends to expand after it’s frozen slightly, so you should leave one inch of space.
  • You can then label that container with the date you started freezing it. This helps you to stay informed any moment you need to use it.

This method is also applicable if you have bought your eggnog from the store and had already opened its packaging. Put the leftover eggnog in a plastic bag or a plastic freezer container, and then place it in the freezer.

How to Freeze Store-bought Eggnog

If you just bought your commercially prepared eggnog from a store, follow the tips below to freeze it.

It’s relatively easy to freeze store-bought eggnog. You don’t need to prepare anything since it’s already prepared.

  • Just take the unopened container of eggnog carton and put it standing upright in the freezer.
  • Let it stay there for a few hours.
  • When it freezes and becomes solid, please put it in a plastic freezer bag, and then return it to the fridge.
  • Since it has already become frozen, you can place it standing up or lay it flat, depending on your freezer’s amount of space.
  • Using the plastic freezer bag is crucial to protect the carton’s contents and stop freezer burn. This freezer bag also makes it easy to label the plastic freezer container with the freezing date so that you can know when to use it.
  • The best temperature for keeping the eggnog should be 32 degrees Fahrenheit, which also needs to be constant. With this temperature, your eggnog can stay in good condition for a more extended period. Otherwise, a fluctuating temperature can negatively affect your eggnog quality and taste.
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How to Properly Thaw and Reheat Eggnog

It is crucial to know how to thaw and heat back your eggnog since it has raw eggs. It can therefore be hard to keep your eggnog fresh when you thaw and reheat. Don’t ever thaw eggnog by letting it stay at room temperature.

Doing this makes the ingredients in the drink break down. As a result, this creates a lumpy and unpleasant consistency. The raw eggs can also quickly get nasty when you leave your thawed eggnog to stay for a long time on the counter.

  • To thaw your eggnog, remove it from the freezer and put it in the fridge immediately.
  • Let it thaw inside the fridge overnight or for some hours. This is the best way of thawing your eggnog without the risk of spoiling the ingredients.
  • You can serve your eggnog either hot or cold. If you would wish to take warm eggnog, consider defrosting it.
  • You can then stick it in your microwave then heat it for a few minutes. Alternatively, consider reheating it on a pot under medium heat until it gets steamy hot. Once you thaw your eggnog, never refreeze it again, as it’s likely to get spoilt after defrosting it for the second time.

You should as well note that when eggnog defrosts, some of the ingredients separate. You can fix this issue by mixing the eggnog well to bring back all the ingredients together. This ensures that you maintain a smooth consistency.

Should you experience difficulties in mixing the ingredients to achieve a creamier consistency, consider using a blender. Blend it until it gets smooth and creamy.

When reheating it, pour it in your saucepan and heat it using low heat using a stove. You can also use a microwave under low heat to warm it up. Always check it after 30 seconds to confirm if it has heat well.

Keep in mind that you cannot refreeze eggnog that you have already reheated. In case you are freezing a significant portion of eggnog and are not going to finish it after thawing, consider freezing it in small portions. Defrost small amounts of eggnog depending on when you will be using it and not a large batch.

It is not advisable to thaw and refreeze eggnog once again because it can become sour when you thaw and reheat it again. Always get rid of any eggnog that has been reheated and not used. It’s not safe to consume it because the ingredients have already been exposed to high temperatures, which encourages bacteria growth.

What’s The Shelf-life of Eggnog in a Freezer?

Eggnog is a product made of milk, eggs, cream, and sugar. It is therefore highly perishable. You can keep eggnog in the freezer for up to 6 months. After six months, its quality tends to deteriorate.

After thawing your eggnog, you can keep it in your fridge for up to 3 days. But if you reheat it, you need to consume it immediately and don’t return any leftovers in the fridge.

If you are preparing eggnog at home, consider using at least 20% of alcohol in the mixture to kill bacteria in the egg. This makes it stay fresh for a longer time.

How to Tell if Eggnog has Gone Bad

As earlier mentioned, eggnog can be poisonous when it Gets spoiled and can cause food-related illness. Remember, homemade eggnog can last two to three days in the refrigerator. If you are using commercial eggnog bought from the store, it is vital to go by date.

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Besides that, it is still essential to know if eggnog has gone bad, whether it has lasted three days or you have the expiry date. So how can you tell when it has gone bad despite your efforts to preserve it?

Here’s how.

1. Sniff it

A sniff test is an excellent way of telling if your eggnog is not suitable for consumption. You might have looked at it and still aren’t sure if it’s good to consume. You can smell it to tell it. If you have ever smelled spoiled milk, you can do the same with eggnog.

Eggnog has milk as one of its ingredients. This means that if it goes bad, you are likely to smell it. Should you smell the odor of spoiled milk, don’t use that eggnog. Most of the time, it’s always a sour aroma that indicates lactic acid bacteria in the cream and milk. And drinking will expose you to food poisoning.

2. Check it with your eyes

There’s no doubt that you can tell eggnog has gone sour by looking at it with your eyes since it’s also a dairy product. Bad eggnog will always appear to be lumpy. Besides that, you can also notice some mold growing in your eggnog, which is quite gross.

It’s essential first to have a look at the color of your eggnog. You also need to note that regular eggnog has a beige or yellow color. It would therefore be crucial to always check the color first before anything. If it doesn’t look anything close to yellow and beige, don’t use it.

What Should You Do with Extra Eggnog?

Sometimes you may be left with some extra eggnog after using it. You could not return it to the fridge as it’s going to get bad, especially if you had thawed it already. Did you know that there are some excellent recipes you can make using extra eggnog?

Let’s have a look at some of them below.

1. Swap it when preparing cream biscuits

Do you love cream biscuits? You can utilize the eggnog left to prepare them. These are the easiest biscuits to prepare. The heavy cream from eggnog makes the best creamy biscuits.

2. Stir it into waffle batter and pancake

Take the eggnog and use it to prepare some pancakes or waffles. This will give them a tremendous festive touch that you’re going to enjoy.

3. Prepare eggnog lattes at home

You can enjoy your seasonal latte in the comfort of your home without going to Starbucks. Make use of that eggnog to prepare eggnog lattes.

4. Mix it into mashed sweet potatoes

Want to enjoy another version of sweet potatoes? Don’t let that eggnog go to waste. Besides adding sour cream or coconut milk into your sweet potatoes, you can also add eggnog. It gives a subtly sweet and creamy taste.

5. Make some flavored marshmallows

You can enjoy some fluffy homemade marshmallows without spending a lot of cash buying some. With that last bit of eggnog you have, you can prepare some holiday marshmallows.

6. Prepare quick bread or muffin

You can add some flavor to your quick bread and muffins using eggnog. It adds a sweet flavor and more richness when you swap it for the milk while preparing this stuff.

7. Make eggnog ice cream

Would you like to enjoy some ice cream even if it’s a cold season? You can utilize your extra eggnog to prepare it. Just swap that eggnog for the milk in your best ice cream recipe.

8. Whip up a milkshake

Pour the eggnog in the blender until it’s complete, and get a pint of your best ice cream. It might be chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry. Any flavor can blend well with eggnog as the base since it creates a creamy milkshake.

9. Cook eggnog in caramel sauce

Utilize that extra eggnog in your caramel sauce. Just swap the heavy cream from eggnog and use it to prepare your dessert topping.

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10.  Turn it into the frosting

Still have some extra eggnog? Don’t throw away that eggnog. Instead, you can whip it into delicious cream cheese and enjoy it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you freeze eggnog cookies?

Are you having some leftover cookies and wondering if it’s okay to freeze them? Yes, you can freeze eggnog cookies. All you need is to seal them in a container that is well sealed. Remember to freeze them in layers that are separated by wax paper.

Eggnog cookies can stay fresh in the freezer for up to 30 days. You can only remove them from the freezer when you want to serve them. Allow them to defrost under room temperature.

Can you freeze eggnog pie?

Have some extra eggnog pie you would like to preserve? You must be wondering if it is okay to freeze it. Yes. It’s possible to freeze the pie. However, please take note that it can only last up to three days inside the fridge.

Can you freeze eggnog bread?

There’s no doubt that eggnog bread has a lovely taste. This bread can last for some days before getting bad. It tastes fantastic when it starts getting dry. Can you freeze it if you have some left? The answer is yes. It would help if you kept any leftover eggnog bread in a sealed container then freeze or refrigerate it.

Can you freeze eggnog cheesecake?

Yes. Eggnog cheesecake is incredible, and you can freeze for a whole month. However, you will need to defrost it once you remove it from the refrigerator to serve.

Can you freeze eggnog fudge?

Yes. If you have any leftover eggnog fudge, you can freeze it for about a month. All you need is to wrap it in foil then store it in your freezer. You can put the wrapped slices inside a zip lock freezer bag.

Can you freeze eggnog with alcohol?

Is alcohol one of the ingredients in your eggnog? Some people believe that adding some alcohol to eggnog makes it taste better. The fact that alcohol is an ingredient in eggnog gives it a longer shelf-life. You can freeze eggnog with alcohol just like the regular eggnog. However, it would help if you still stored it properly in the freezer to avoid getting the watery and lumpy consistency.

Can you freeze homemade eggnog?

What if you have just prepared your eggnog at home? Is it okay to freeze it? The answer is yes. However, homemade eggnog has a very short shelf life. You can only keep it in your refrigerator for 3-5 days.

Can you freeze store bought eggnog?

If you just bought your eggnog from the store, it’s possible to freeze it. Store-bought eggnog has a longer shelf life than homemade eggnog. It can last for a maximum of six months.

However, it would help if you froze it with a container with an extra room of about ½-inch of space starting from the top.. This allows it to have enough room for expansion when it starts to freeze.

In a nutshell, eggnog is a delicious drink to consume during the winter. However, you can still enjoy it during other seasons if you store it properly. It is essential to know how to freeze eggnog, whether bought from the store or homemade. You should also note that after thawing the frozen eggnog, you cannot refreeze it again.

It is likely too bad. In case you want to thaw frozen eggnog, freeze it in small bits that you can consume without having leftovers. Otherwise, you can use extra eggnog to prepare some recipes like eggnog bread, among others.