Can You Freeze Goat Cheese? Yes, Here’s How

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Who doesn’t like relishing every trickle of creamy goat cheese? We all do! Goat cheese can offer a variety in texture, flavors, and overall essence, which makes it a top eatable around the globe. It’s nutritious and delicious. However, most people find it difficult to store goat cheese. This is the worst thing about it. If it’s not properly stored, it’s no good.

Thankfully, there is an excellent way through which the goat cheese would retain its exquisite flavor and texture for a long time; by freezing it! You can easily freeze goat cheese, as long as you know the right of way of doing so. Read on to know how you can optimally freeze goat cheese!

Can You Freeze Goat Cheese? Yes, Here's How

Can you freeze goat cheese log? Goat cheese logs can be expensive. It’s better to buy them when they’re half off. You can indeed freeze goat cheese log, so buy away! However, there are a few preparations that need to be taken care of before you throw the logs inside your freezer. If you want the goat cheese not to lose its flavor or originality, you might have to work for it. Fret not; we’ve got you covered on that front! 


What do you need to freeze goat cheese?

Before you begin the whole freezing process, gather some things, so you don’t have to around your kitchen as we go on.

  • A cutting board
  • A blunt knife
  • Saran wraps
  • A freezer bag
  • A sticky label to mark the date

Yup, that’s about all you will need to freeze the goat cheese perfectly!

How to freeze goat cheese?

Now that we have gathered everything we need to freeze the cheese, we can now get down to the real thing. Make a note that if the goat cheese has been purchased from the store and if it has not been unwrapped already, you can throw the logs straight inside the freezer. But, can you freeze opened goat cheese? Yes, to that!

Step 1: Place the goat cheese log on the cutting board.

Step 2: Begin cutting the log into various pieces. The size of each piece depends upon your choice. You could go for small sizes, which would make it convenient when it comes down to using it. You could simply bring out just one piece and use it at a time without unwrapping a large piece that you won’t instantly use. Thus, chop the log into fairly small pieces.

Step 3: Wrap each piece of cheese log inside saran wraps. If you don’t have saran wraps at home, you can also use any plastic wrapping. If you’re using a plastic bag, ensure all the air is first squeezed out of the package. Oxygen can deteriorate the quality of the goat cheese, much like all the eatables out there. Thus, you want to ensure that air has been squeezed out as much as possible.

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Step 4: Bring out a freezer bag and begin filling the bag with the pieces of goat cheese. Don’t overcrowd the package. You could mess up the shape of the cheese. If you have more freezer bags at your disposal, divide the pieces into groups and then begin filling the bags. Seal the bag tightly, and again, squeeze as much air as possible from the bag.

We want to keep the air away from the cheese. For reference, you could also stick a label on the bag and write the name of the ingredient and the date on which you packed it. This way, months down the line, you’d be able to clock how much longer you can store the goat cheese in the freezer before it starts to deteriorate.

Once you’re done with packing and labeling, shove the freezer bags inside your freezer. Ensure that there is still plenty of room left inside your freezer after the bags have been shoved in, so you’ll have space for other things you might want to keep inside the freezer.

How long does goat cheese last in the freezer?

Goat Cheese, at one point or the other, has to be removed from the freezer if you want to enjoy its superior quality. The trick to store the goat cheese for a prolonged period is to put it inside low temperatures.

In a fridge, the goat cheese can last up to just 5-7 days. After the 7th day, you’d see that the cheese has begun to deteriorate, and after ten days, it’d practically become uneatable. However, if you go to an even lower temperature, such as the freezer, the time span of the cheese’s survival will shoot up. But even the freezer has a lower temperature limit, right?

In a freezer, the goat cheese can last about 3-6 months if it has been nicely packed. After the expiry of that period, you might want to use up the goat cheese or bin it if you don’t need it. But don’t consume it. The texture and odor of the cheese would speak for itself, though.

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How to thaw goat cheese?

A thing that has been frozen has to be thawed too. You may have frozen the goat cheese perfectly, but if you fail to thaw or defrost it with equal perfection, the entire process would have been all for naught. Hence, you might want to familiarize yourself with the protocol of thawing as well to finish it off on a higher note. You can defrost the cheese in 3 simple ways.

  • In the fridge: If you have plenty of time in your hand and don’t have an immediate need for goat cheese, you can thaw the cheese right in your fridge. To do this, remove the bags in which you’ve stored the cheese from the freezer. Examine the package and see if there are no tears or loose ends. If the packaging looks fine, you can begin defrosting it. Unseal the bag and bring out as many pieces of cheese as you require.

Place the cheese pieces inside the fridge without removing the saran wrap and adjust the temperature for defrosting. The cheese needs to be kept in the fridge for about 24 hours at least. If you find any damage to the packaging, you should throw the cheese log out altogether. The air would have spoiled the cheese beyond repair and would have made it inedible.

  • At room temperature: if you require the cheese a lot quicker, perhaps to use the cheese to add into a dish, you should not concern yourself with the texture of the cheese and begin thawing it at room temperature. To do this, place the cheese on your kitchen slab without removing the saran wrap. Allow it to sit in the kitchen for some 3 hours. You can then begin using the cheese as quickly as possible, lest the cheese gets spoiled. If there are any leftovers, once you’re done, you could wrap them in saran paper and place them back in the freezer bag.
  • In the microwave: The fastest way to defrost the cheese is to place it inside a microwave. As fast as this method can be, it also has plenty of disadvantages. For one, the cheese would lose its milk properties and make the substance gooey and oily.

Thus, select this method if you’re in a hurry enough to compromise with its essential qualities. To defrost the cheese in a microwave, just place the log inside the device and run it for 30 seconds. If the cheese is thick, give it another 30 seconds. Once it has been warmed up, cut the cheese to see if it has been defrosted. Run it once more if not, and if yes, you’re good to go!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you freeze soft goat cheese?

Not all soft goat cheese reacts well to freezing. Freezing could make soft cheese grainy in texture, which would reflect adversely in whatever you’re trying to make using the cheese. If the texture is not your concern, you’re free to put it in the freezer. However, if the texture and flavor of the cheese are vital to you, consider preserving it in the fridge. While it won’t last very long in the fridge, as compared to a freezer, you’d still get the job done.

Can you freeze chevre goat cheese?

Yes! That is the best way to freeze the chevre goat cheese. It won’t do good inside the fried as it requires the lowest of temperatures. However, ensure that it is perfectly wrapped and then sealed before it enters the fridge. You wouldn’t want air or bacteria to spoil a perfect log of chevre goat cheese.

Can you freeze cranberry goat cheese?

Although you can freeze cranberry goat cheese, the texture and flavor could deteriorate slightly. It could also disturb the shape and setting of the cheese.

Can you freeze homemade goat cheese?

Just like store-bought cheese, homemade cheese could also be frozen. As long as the packaging has been done perfectly, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t freeze the homemade goat cheese. Just ensure that the period of storage does not exceed the prescribed duration. The cheese will otherwise suffer immensely when it comes to texture and flavor.


Goat cheese can make your day. But it can even break it if the quality of it has become questionable. This is very much possible if it has not been stored in an optimum way. For the cheese to retain its perfect flavor, texture, essence, and overall quality, you might want to put in that extra hours into freezing it and then thawing it. As long as this guide is followed, you should practically have no problem freezing the goat cheese!