What Else Can You Make on a Crepe Maker? (Find Out Here!)

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Fancy a sweet treat, or even a savory one, then an electric crepe maker is ideal, plus it will satisfy your needs in no time at all. The benefit of having a crepe maker is that it’s a fully versatile kitchen device that can also be extended to cooking more than just crepes.

You will be surprised at how useful it can be, from creating delicious breakfasts to quick and easy meals, or a tasty snack when you’re in need of a pick-me-up. This multiuse kitchen accessory is so easy to use, even if you don’t like cooking you will enjoy using a crepe maker, and you will find that there’s no point in storing it away as you will want to use it all the time.

What Else Can You Make on a Crepe Maker? (Find Out Here!)

It’s also a great showpiece that you can use to entertain your guests at dessert time. Simply take your electric crepe maker to the table, make a crepe using the spreader provided which will also give you a professional look, and voila, you will be a successful host.

It’s perfect for beginners and kitchen pros and the handy tools provided such as the spatula and spreader will make sure your food looks great every time you use this appliance. When you have finished using it, the great news is that you can clean it effortlessly, this is due to the non-stick coating and the smooth surface on the heating plate.

The primary purpose of a crepe maker is to cook a batter that has been thinly spread across the hot plate. The reason why it has multifunction abilities is that many recipes call for a similar cooking technique, therefore, allowing you to cook more than just crepes.

You may be wondering – what else can you make on a crepe maker? If so, this article will provide you with all the information you need to ensure you utilize your crepe maker to its fullest potential. So, let’s start looking at what you can make.


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What else can I cook on a crepe maker

Due to the electric crepe maker’s flat surface and heat settings, it can also work as a grill where you can do all sorts of cooking like sauté onions, produce an eye-pleasing sear on your steak, or make a grilled pizza that has a light coloring on the base.

You can also cook bacon on the crepe maker and you can watch it sizzle whilst you add your eggs to the hot plate. Then toast your burger bun on the heated plate to make an easy egg and bacon roll, or warm a tortilla and have a wrap instead.

Do you need a crepe maker to make crepes

If you want to produce great crepes every time, you should ideally use a crepe maker as the surface area is the optimal size for the perfect crepe. The adjustable temperate control also enables you to cook your crepe to your liking.

You can use a crepe pan on your stovetop instead, although it’s much easier to use a crepe maker as you can plug this in anywhere you like.

Can you cook eggs on a crepe maker

For a healthy and satisfying breakfast or lunch, eggs can easily be made on an electric crepe maker.

For the ultimate sunny-side-up egg, simply crack open your eggs and put them directly on the grill plate, and watch the magic happen. You will be able to keep watch and cook your eggs just the way you like them. The non-stick coating allows you to remove your eggs with ease once they are done, using a silicone spatula works best as it will not damage the cooking plate.

Can you make pancakes on a crepe maker

If you fancy a fluffy pancake, a crepe maker can quickly produce a stack of pancakes for you and your family to enjoy.

You can create all the classic pancake recipes including covering your pancakes in maple syrup, or if you like to add bacon to your pancakes you can cook that on the grill plate at the same time as you make your pancakes, making fewer items to clean when you have finished eating.

Can we make dosa on crepe maker

This South Indian delight is easy to make on a crepe maker and after you have used it for the first time, it will become your preferred way of making them in the future.

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A variety of fillings can go into your dosa, and will leave you inspired and thinking what else can you make on a crepe maker!

Can you use a crepe maker to make lefse

If you want to tuck into a delicious lefse, which is a soft type of flatbread, your trusted electronic crepe maker can make these for you.

This Norwegian flatbread is made using potatoes and other ingredients. The reason why the crepe maker can cook it is that traditionally it would be cooked on a flat griddle, and the crepe maker is fantastic at grilling due to the flat heated surface.

Can you make roti on crepe maker

When you make a curry at home, a roti is a great flatbread to eat with it, and it easily scoops up the curry so that you can have a mouthful of flavor.

To make cooking easier, you can make your roti on the crepe maker, and you can do one roti at a time before you serve your meal. The grill plate warms up quickly, so you won’t need to wait long until you can use it.

Can you make tortillas with a crepe maker

A crepe maker is so versatile, you can use it to make a range of food items, and making tortillas is one of many things you can heat up on it.

If you’ve had a long day at work, making tortillas for dinner is an easy go-to meal, and a crepe maker will be very useful for this.

Can you make welsh cakes on a crepe maker

Why spend time going through your cupboards to find a heavy-based frying pan, when you can make your welsh cakes on an electric crepe maker instead.

If you are a fan of these sweet sultana and current filled cakes, you will know that you can eat them hot or cold, so if you rather have them cold you can easily make a batch on the crepe maker ahead of time.

Can you make an omelette on a crepe maker

Whether it’s breakfast time or dinner, an omelette can be enjoyed any time of the day and there’s no better way to make one than on a crepe maker.

You can add any ingredients of your choice to make your omelette, with cheese being a popular choice for many. All you need to do is pour on your mixture and let it cook.

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Why we like the iSiLER Crepe maker | what is the best crepe maker

This crepe maker stands above the rest as it has many features others don’t have, such as an intelligent temperature control which allows the heating plate to reach higher temperatures than other makes, although it prevents it from becoming too hot to ensure your crepe or any other food won’t be burnt. Plus, you can regulate the temperature using the light and dark settings to tailor your cooking.

The impressive 12-inch hot plate provides enough room to make a great crepe and if you want to cook bacon and eggs, there’s plenty of room to do this. Unlike many other electric crepe makers, you can also cook a medium-sized pizza on this one, enough to make around 8 slices for you to enjoy.

Special e-shaped heat pipes are present under the plate, this ensures that heat is evenly distributed for a supreme cooking experience.

The key highlights for this crepe marker are:

  • Amazon choice
  • Free shipping
  • Over 2,000 customer ratings on Amazon
  • 4.6-star rating
  • Food-grade aluminum cooking plate
  • Non-stick surface
  • Easy to clean
  • Overheating protection

Using a crepe maker | 4 easy steps

To make a crepe all you need to do is:

Step 1 – Plug in your electronic crepe maker and wait for the plate to heat up

Step 2 – Pour your batter onto the surface

Step 3 – Use the spreader to distribute the batter

Step 4 – Flip the crepe with the spatula, fold when fully cooked, and enjoy.


Are crepe pans worth it?

Some people prefer a crepe pan rather than a crepe maker, although if you already have a crepe maker there is no point in buying a crepe pan, as it will do the same thing.

How hot does a crepe maker get?

The average electric crepe maker can reach temperatures of 204°C / 400°F with the highest temperatures being 220°C / 428°F.

The higher the heat, the quicker your crepe will cook, so if you have a large family it may be worth choosing one that has a higher heat, so you can get your food on the table quicker.