Can You Freeze Chorizo? (Yes, Here’s The Answer)

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How can the thought of chorizo not make your mouth water? These smoky, flavourful pork sausages are a favourite in many countries including Spain, Portugal, and Mexico. There are so many variations of this delicious and versatile meat; enough to add in several dishes!

With chorizo, a little can go quite a long way. There is a good chance you may have leftovers after a hearty meal of chorizo. You are probably confused about whether to store it; if yes, then how? It’s natural for questions like these to pop up in your head. But don’t you worry! We have the solution to this question right here in this article.

Can You Freeze Chorizo

So, can you freeze chorizo? Yes! Fresh chorizo is safe to freeze. Regardless of whether it is whole or chopped meat, you can comfortably store chorizo in your freezer. As long as it is not cured chorizo, you can be stress-free about freezing for about 12 months! 

Continue reading to know the correct way of freezing chorizo and for more freezing tips!


Guide to Freezing Your Chorizo

As mentioned above, it is okay to freeze chorizo. As long as you are doing it the right way, you hardly have anything to worry about. Here are some instructions on how to freeze fresh chorizo:

  • Pack the fresh chorizo in either a vacuum-sealed freezer bag or an airtight container
  • While using a freezer bag, remember to let out all the excess air before you seal it
  • Once you have secured the bag or container, label it and write down the date of storage
  • You can now store the chorizo in a freezer

On the other hand, freezing cured chorizo comes with additional instructions. If you want to freeze your cured chorizo leftovers, it is better to chop them up into smaller pieces. Freezing the whole sausage is not a problem either. However, by chopping them in advance, you can take out the number of pieces that are required for your meal. A whole sausage might be a little troublesome as it will take longer to defrost.

The Flash freezing method is something you can try too. Cooked chorizo is often subjected to clumping after being frozen. Please make sure you have given it enough time to cool before popping it in the freezer.

Freezing Tips

Now that you have gotten a fair idea about how to store your chorizo in the freezer, let’s look at some helpful freezing tips you can try out!

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Purchase chorizo meat in proportions: Meat shops sells portioned amounts of meat that is sufficient for a single meal. They are already properly stored and are easy to pop into the freezer without extra work.

Try not to freeze cured meats: One thing you always need to remember is that freezing cured meats isn’t always the best idea. Similarly, by freezing cured chorizo, there is a good chance you may see some noticeable changes in the flavour of the meat.

Storing it in dishes: You can cut down on some prep work by simply cooking the chorizo into a dish. You can then use the same dish to freeze the chorizo. One example is freezing paella.

How Long Can Chorizo Be Frozen?

Fresh chorizo can be stored in the freezer for up to 12 months; this, of course, is provided only when you have sealed and packed it properly. You don’t need to worry about its taste, flavour or quality altering over time. 

However, its shelf life also may vary depending on how much your freezer’s temperature fluctuates. If you open and reseal your chorizo bag regularly, that may affect its shelf-life as well. To reduce doing this, you can freeze your chorizo in portions. This is a great idea when you only need to remove a certain amount of meat from the freezer.

When does chorizo go bad?

The plus point about chorizo is that it stays in good condition for a relatively long time. It is common to forget about the meat you have stored a long time ago. You may have found it now and are wondering if you can still eat it. 

Similar to most other meats, you can tell if chorizo is still safe to eat by checking how it looks and smelling it. Any sign of noticeable discolouration or a pungent smell is an indication that you have to dispose of it. Sometimes, cured chorizo may show some white mould on their surface after a long time. This is not always a sign of it going bad. Inspect it closer and try cleaning it off. All you need to do is wipe the meat with a cloth and use some olive oil, and it is good to go!

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How to Defrost Chorizo

The first step before you cook your frozen meat is to defrost it. If you froze your meat in smaller portions, it will be easier to defrost, while whole meats take relatively longer. Regardless of whether your frozen meat is fresh or cured, the best option to defrost it is to let it sit in the refrigerator overnight.

However, what if you forgot to leave it in the fridge overnight? Quick defrosting is not always recommended, but it may be your only option if you have a lunch to cook. Here are some quick instructions on how you can defrost your meat fast:

  • Transfer the chorizo in a leak-safe storage bag or container
  • You then have to place the bag in a bowl filled with cold tap water
  • You must keep changing the water at regular intervals of about 20-30 minutes
  • Once it has been thawed, it is good to go!

The above instructions are for fresh chorizo. It’s not recommended to use the method above to defrost cured chorizo, whether it’s whole, sliced, or diced.

Can you refreeze chorizo?

Refreezing food is never the best option. Especially with meats such as chorizo, popping it back in the freezer is not a good idea. We would never recommend avoiding this as much as you can. Instead, you can try freezing the meat in smaller quantities. However, it is safe to freeze cooked chorizo. This means that it is safe to refreeze raw frozen chorizo that has been cooked, after being defrosted. 

Can you freeze sliced chorizo?

You can freeze sliced chorizo, but it is not the most advised way to go. Slicing chorizo exposes a much larger surface area of the meat to the freezer. So, there might be a greater chance of your meat having a freezer burn, degrading, or oxidizing. If, at all, you do end up storing sliced chorizo, try to consume it within a month of storage. 

Can you freeze soy chorizo?

Soy chorizo or soyrizo is a vegan variation of the normal chorizo. Once refrigerated, it stays good for at least 6 months, provided that it’s been properly stored. You simply need to thaw soy chorizo before using it from the freezer.

Can you freeze chorizo sausage?

As discussed earlier, yes, you can freeze chorizo sausages. Fresh chorizo sausages are safe to eat for up to 12 months after freezing them. You can portion your meat, freeze it, and defrost it whenever you want to cook it. Just keep an eye out for any discolouration or anything smelling funny, in which case, it is best to discard it.  

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Can you freeze cacique chorizo?

Yes, cacique chorizo can be kept in the freezer and used again. You will hardly notice a change in its quality. So, feel free to defrost it and use it again for your next meal! 

Can you freeze chorizo pasta?

Yes. You might have some leftovers from a chorizo pasta meal. All you need to do is pack the chorizo leftovers in an airtight container and let them sit in the freezer until you take it back out! 

Can you freeze chorizo stew?

Yes! You can freeze chorizo stew leftovers after your meal. All you need to do is portion up the leftovers and pop them in the freezer. Frozen chorizo stew stays good up to two months of being stored. Feel free to heat your stew and enjoy it for a couple of weeks after! 

Can you freeze paella with chorizo?

Yes, you can freeze paella with chorizo. Chorizo can be dealt with like any other meat you would normally purchase, for example, chicken. 


And finally, to the end of the article! We hope this article has clarified your doubts on freezing chorizo and given you some good freezing hacks. Freezing chorizo hardly becomes a problem once you figure out the correct way to do it. 

If you’re someone that hasn’t ever heard of tried chorizo, it is high time you should! Chorizo sausages will add flavour and variety to your family dinners any day. But if you’re someone that already has, nothing will stop you from stocking up on this delicious meat! Find your nearest meat shop selling chorizo, cook it, and you can still freeze leftovers, stress-free! You can also feel free to enjoy fresh frozen chorizo for up to 12 months.